Here are some great opportunities if you would like to get involved in independent publishing (and maybe even make a few bucks along the way!). Become a Proofer, Artist, Sales Affiliate, Cartel Member, Voice Actor, or Page (coming soon!).


Become a Proofer 

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By far, the easiest gig in the three available on this page! Every good book needs many eyes on it to help avoid grammatical errors and logistical mistakes (plot holes, character inconsistencies, etc.) in the final version. Whether you are a grammatical master or just a casual reader who likes to get free books, becoming a Proofer may be the right fit for you. Here is a rundown of what's expected of you as part of the Proofer List:

1. Read the entire book within 30 days.

2. Write directly on the manuscript in order to mark mistakes, note questions, and highlight other issues that you see with the book. 

3. Send the manuscript back to Volo Press. 

It's that simple! You will even be given a pen and highlighter to mark the piece with. In return, you get to be part of the publishing process, will receive credit within the final version of the book for your services, and will receive a free copy of the final version of the book.



Join the Volo Press Artists List

If you have any sort of artistic talent that can be packaged and distributed across the Internet, this is a great opportunity to show the world how talented you are!

By joining the Volo Press Artists List, you will receive notification 1 - 3 times per year when a new book is being published.

Request a copy of the book, read it, choose a particular section of the book (or the overall work) to interpret and apply your talent to it.

Once complete, you will submit your work and it will become part of Volo Press' overall marketing strategy to help (you AND us) build a following.

View the sign-up form, along with a few more details, here:  Volo Press Artists List


Become a Sales Affiliate

You've got strong sales skills and are looking for a new opportunity to hone your skills and earn extra income.

  • Complete the sign-up form which will ask for your name, your website URL, and your PayPal email address. For example, if Goku's website is, and his PayPal email his, he will receive credit for all sales resulting from referrals from and will be paid via PayPal payment sent to
  • Start pushing potential customers to
  • Earn a commission on each sale that is referred from your site.
  • Get paid on the first Friday of each month.
  • High earners get commission increases as well as an extra payday on the third Friday of each month.
  • Base commission is 5% (for Volo Press brand products and services) with increases based on your performance (what you're selling, how often, and total sales).
  • Commission of 1% of sale price will be earned for Amazon fulfillment products.
  • Work on your own schedule.
  • Only market the products you want to.
  • No sales quotas to meet.

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Become a Cartel Member

By far, the most challenging of the three positions on this page! Being a member of the Curtis Cartel means that you will be sent electronic versions of near-publishable manuscripts that you will fully read, critique, and review. The deadlines are tight and strict, so if you don't think you can devote the time it takes to apply and complete assignments as given, please don't waste your energy applying.

This position is paid a percentage of the initial 60-day profits from book sales for projects that you work on. To learn more, go to



Become a Voice Actor

3 completed audio books published so far!

Volo Press plans to produce audio books for nearly all of its print and digital books. If you would like to audition for one of our projects, just follow any of the live links below. If you subscribe to the Volo Press blog, or follow Volo Press on social media. you will be notified of when auditions open because there will be a dedicated blog post about it.



Voice Actor

Producers / Voice Actors Needed for Audio Book Projects

The Genician

 Not Yet Accepting Auditions

Audition openings are always publicly posted, so if you subscribe to the Volo Press blog and newsletter or follow Volo Press on social media, you'll be alerted when auditions open so that you can submit a recording.





Feign II: The Downfall

Lance Rasmussen has secured this position. This project has been completed.


Show Her

Don Abad has secured this position. This project has been completed.

Feign I










Leanne Yau has secured this position. This project has been completed.


Become a Page

The opening of the first physical Volo Press store is still under way.

However, once it opens and this position becomes available, we'll be looking for people who:

  1. Love to read and / or write (bookworms, journalists, editors, authors, etc.).
  2. Can fluently speak, read, write, and understand English.
  3. Can speak and behave in a respectful manner, even when feeling rushed, pressured, or frustrated.
  4. Can communicate clearly and consistently with co-workers and store owner.
  5. Can take and incorporate feedback given related to work performance.
  6. Can accept a job with no guaranteed hours.
  7. Have or can get a PayPal account, since this is how paychecks are sent.
  8. Can pass a background check.
  9. Can accept being added to a group chat smartphone app for the purpose of scheduling work days as they become available for the current pool of Pages.
  10. Can sit, stand, squat, or lift throughout the shift for the purposes of restocking inventory, helping customers move larger purchases (desktop computers, bookshelves, tables, chairs, etc.), and cleaning.

An online application will be available once the store is ready to open. You will be trained in the use of the Volo Press POS and security systems post hire.